Lingbuzz (an archive of linguistic articles)
(“LingBuzz is an openly accessible repository of scholarly papers, discussions and other documents for linguistics.”)
The Linguist List
Ethnologue: Languages of the World
World Atlas of Language Structures

African Linguistics School

African Linguistics School 2016 (Côte d’Ivoire)
African Linguistics School 2013 (Nigeria)
African Linguistics School 2011 (Benin)
African Linguistics School 2009 (Ghana)

Funding Opportunities for Linguists

National Science Foundation (Documenting Endangered Languages)
NSF-DEL Outreach Video Series (very useful!!!)
National Science Foundation (Linguistics)
Fulbright (CIES)
Guggenheim Fellowship
Endangered Languages Documentation Programme (ELDP)
American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS)


Fieldworks Language Explorer (FLEx)
Praat: Doing phonetics by computer
CoLang 2018


Logic Videos by Greg Restall
The Lambda Calculator
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy


Sasi Spelling Primer
The Khoisan Languages 
(Produced by participants in my Spring 2018 seminar)


Global Recordings Network (Bible recordings in the Kpele dialect)
Radio Horizon – La Voix du Zio (Radio broadcasts from Togo)
Volta1 TV (Video broadcasts from Ghana)
Amansan TV (Video broadcasts in Ghanaian languages, including Ewe)
Verba Africana (Ewe Stories and Storytellers from Ghana)
Ewe (Ethnologue)

My Grants

Developing the next generation of researchers investigating Khoisan langs. (NSF 2018)
Guggenheim (2015-2016)
Washington Square News (Interview about Guggenheim)
African Linguistics School 2011 (2010 NSF)
SGER: Prototype and Specifications for a Web-based Database of the Syntactic 
Structures of the World’s Languages (SSWL) (2008 NSF SGER)
Grammar of Nǀuu (2007 NSF)
Collaborative Research: Descriptive and Theoretical Studies of N|u (2003 NSF)
Studies in Khoisan Syntax (1998 NSF)


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1999 Appel Fellow Announcement